Anatolian Garden is a direct exporter and wholesaler of old antiques and collectibles to all over the world. All these old goods are collected from all over TURKEY especially from Anatolian Villages. Our company has been supplying Antique Dealers, Decorators, Individual Customers and Auctioneers with quality inventory in ready to use and sell condition since 1996. Our warehouse is situated in AYVALIK, which is a small holiday resort located at the western part of Aegean Coast of TURKEY. This small city is approximately 2 hours away from IZMIR City and Adnan Menderes Airport (Airport Code: ADB) which is the closest one to AYVALIK. We also have a carpenter shop, in which we produce furnitures using old oak wood, old chestnut wood, rose wood, etc. In addition to these information, the woods used in antique furniture making are at least 150-200 years old.

Antique Oak Boards & Lumbers

Old Oak Tables & Chairs

Vintage Wooden Dough Bowls

Antique Composites

Old Wooden Doors

Antique Chestnut Tables

Vintage Coffee Tables

Old Marble Sinks

Old Terra Cotta Pots

Antique Primitive Millstones

Old Stone Troughs

Old Terra Cotta Olive & Wine Pots

Vintage Metal Olive Buckets

Old Copper Decorative Kitchen Items

Old Iron Doors

Vintage Cast Iron Vases

Vintage Cast Iron Benches

Decorative Garden Items


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Beautiful and terrific selection of old & classic antiques and collectibles.

Interior Design

Creative and practical solutions for every client's unique design needs.


Experienced in packing and loading containers for worldwide delivery.


Dedicated to offering the highest quality services in carpentry and remodeling.